The Shorts We Bought That Made Us Feel Really Good (And The Ones We Would Skip) – AKA A Very Honest Review Post

The Shorts We Bought That Made Us Feel Really Good (And The Ones We Would Skip) - AKA A Very Honest Review Post

Here we are again, on the hunt for a great pair of shorts. It was 10 am Wednesday morning, LA heat was already ablaze, we were sweaty and ready to spend a half day trying on shorts for the sake of the blog. It’s what influencers do. But in all seriousness, us EHD gals were on the same page in that we needed shorts for summer (this heat is apparently going NOWHERE) and we agreed that buying shorts is not a breezy task. It should be, but it’s not. Is there some conspiracy that brands are behind where they menacingly mix and match sizing and laugh behind our backs as we try them on in horrible fluorescent dressing room lighting? Judging how the world is going right now, I am afraid anything is possible.

Funnily enough, this post is actually coming around almost two years to the day since our last shorts review post, so it felt serendipitous to be back at the Americana (an outdoor mall in Glendale) albeit this time donning masks in this strange new world. We started the day off extremely excited to be in each other’s presence, looking forward to lunch at Bacari (the absolute BEST in town IMO), and practically giddy with the promise of new shorts. But enough talk, let’s get into the nitty-gritty: Our task was to try on as many shorts as possible, take photos, and give you our HONEST reviews. This post is 100% #notsponsored, just fueled by grit and determination to find the perfect pair. Let’s begin.


Shorts Relationship Status: In theory I love denim shorts but hate how brands use the most arbitrary metric to determine sizing. I just want to have some faith that I can go into most stores and have a slight idea of what my size will be. Emotionally speaking, I don’t have any qualms about showing my legs, I just want the length to be long enough that my a** doesn’t hang out and I want the rise to be HIGH. The higher the better. I also am a weirdo in that I prefer my denim shorts to be rigid rather than stretchy even if that means they are widely less comfortable to sit in. Basically, I am down to take my shorts off at the end of the day and see every seam imprinted on my body.

Go-To Size: 32
Height: 5’8


Size: 14

Why I like them (or don’t): I already own these shorts so this is technically cheating. It was probably a good thing that I started with these since the day would prove that shorts are a diabolical article of clothing. But these are good. Great wash. Good length and a healthy amount of stretch and legroom. The ones I have at home are a size 12 but I like the size 14 better. I am all about looser clothing lately and these were looser but still form-fitting (aka I wasn’t swimming in them just really comfortable).

Here is the side view and as you can see they don’t hug my thighs which I am so grateful for. By the way, Target actually has killer shorts that don’t just fit, but fit WELL. What a concept!

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