Step Inside This Colorful, Organic New Build Home That Is Dripping With Charm & Built-In Storage

Step Inside This Colorful, Organic New Build Home That Is Dripping With Charm & Built-In Storage

The owner of today’s featured home tour is Dr. Celine Ord, an oncologist who renovates homes in her spare time (no big deal, right??). Ord (along with her husband, Justin) have renovated a total of six homes since 2012, their latest project being their new build home in Reno, Nevada, built in a Monterey Colonial architectural style. To get to know her a bit, a quick peek at her Instagram will inform you that she is a dedicated and talented physician with impeccable taste and a keen eye for neutral tones and organic textures. She is no stranger to renovations, but her home is her first new-build that is uber functional, equipped with ample storage, but does not skimp on style. What a dream.

Ord informed us that this house stands out from the rest of their projects because it has her favorite floor plan and flow, which is evident immediately through the open concept kitchen and living room that flows naturally. The kitchen itself is broken up with/grounded by the island (featuring SSS Black Beaded fronts) and serves as a focal point while maintaining an open, airy feel. All that natural light helps and is SO pretty.

Speaking of that island, not only is it full of storage, but she added on that side countertop with modern but simple legs for casual eating and/or hanging out with friends. It’s definitely a trend that we’ve been noticing (and love) but doesn’t actually feel or look trendy (which is also the dream). Then those stools not only have backs (a very big Emily recommendation for comfort) but the natural wood frame balances with the hood so effortlessly.

Ord wanted to reimagine the kitchen with a blend of navy and black tones so she used Supermatte Night Sky Slab doors for the floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and the dark tones are accentuated with Broadway Black quartz (by Daltile) backsplash and countertops. We love how she uses dark tones yet the kitchen maintains a warmth and brightness due to the light wood floors, crisp white ceiling, and minimal pendants with awesome exposed bulbs. Oh and let’s not forget that incredible fluted hood cover!

So to talk about the island a little more, notice how Ord quietly played with different scales of vertical lines. The island has a larger scale pattern with a modern traditional beaded cabinet design and then the hood cover is a small-scale fluted pattern that complements it so nicely. It’s what brings life to a beautiful but dark, neutral color palette.

The barstools have woven backs and seats that complement the line patterns I just spoke about as well as the other black accents in the kitchen.

Sidenote. While we love all of the closed storage here (visual chaos is not ideal), that glass front drink fridge is such an unexpected way to bring in color. Seeing those colorful cans gives life to this kitchen in the best way (ok yes they were styled but also most cans are colorful and cute these days).

Finally, the gold accents and cabinet pulls create a modern, traditional feel and brighten up the dark countertops and cabinetry. A little sparkle never hurt a kitchen:)


Opposite the kitchen is the living and media room where Ord embraces an eclectic modern Americana style. Of course, I can’t possibly move on without talking about that exceptional sofa. It is the perfect bright complement to the moody blue cabinets and acts as a divider between the kitchen and living room spaces. The curves and color are stunning and bring in movement and a special playfulness to space.

The next stop is this spacious pantry where Ord used several natural elements including the terracotta tile flooring to incorporate a charming old-world feel into this new build home. A small window provides a bit of natural light and the cabinets outfitted in Supermatte White Slab fronts brighten the space. The combination of the crisp white cabinetry and earthy tiles makes this space feel modern and vintage.

The muted Zellige tiles bring in even more earth tones, which emphasizes the organic and natural feel of the space.

Practically speaking, the walk-in pantry is stacked with built-in cabinetry which you will notice is a theme throughout the home. Ord expertly manages to include tons of storage while never compromising style. I mean that peg rail is just so freaking cute.

Mirrors | Cabinet Fronts

Continuing into the bathroom, Ord nails bringing in warmth through the light wood tones and again contrasts the soft neutrals with a dark grey skinny subway tile. That pattern brings in so much movement to the space, right?

Reflecting both the natural tones and bright-white spaces found throughout the home, the bathroom design accomplishes a sense of relaxation, akin to a spa or wellness retreat. Also, look at how much vanity storage they have! If you have the space, and are designing your bathroom, definitely think about maximizing on storage like they did. I can just feel that everything has its own perfect place.

The rattan mirrors from Burke Decor complement the other wood tones in the room, including the gorgeous vertical grain Impression Tahoe cabinet fronts. The rattan mirrors also look vintage so it adds the perfect amount of soul to a very modern bathroom.

The large storage cabinets function as extra wardrobe space and the SSS White Beaded fronts bring in warmth and compliment the natural tones in the space.

Also, can we table about that wood bath surround peeking out of the corner?? It’s stunning and another way Ord brought in more texture and pattern!

Quick side note: If you have read any of my previous posts on this blog, you might know I am a SUCKER for good storage so I am absolutely drooling over how much Ord managed to incorporate in her home. She makes the most of every room by providing ample storage solutions. What a dream!

The laundry room concludes this home tour and you will notice Ord’s theme of mixing wood cabinetry with exciting tiles and materials is continued here. Again, she blends function and style effortlessly, so not a single room in the house is lacking.

So if you are designing a new build, Celine has shown use that maximizing on storage is always a good idea, and make sure to play with pattern and texture so your home feels/looks like it has real visual depth:)

What is your favorite room?? I can’t decide so I’d love to hear your thoughts below! Until next time. xx

*Design by Celine Ord
**Photo by Nick Sorrentino

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